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30 Maggio 2019

Maria Gamundi’s sculptures, featured at the Four Seasons Hotel, in Florence

I’m happy to announce that several of my sculptures are being featured at the Parco della Gerardesca of the Four Seasons Hotel, in Florence.

The Frilli Gallery is presenting my work in this park along with the work of other sculptors, such as Ugo Riva, Bjorn Oxholm Skaarup, Antonio Manzi, Anne Shingleton, among others.

The Four Seasons is located at Borgo Pinti 99, 50121 Firenze, Italy, their phone number is: +39 055 26261.

For more information about the Frilli Gallery, you can visit their website, linked here.

22 Maggio 2019

Maria Gamundi’s marble sculpture “Spirito Libero Portatrice di Luce” in Pietrasanta

My marble sculpture “Spirito Libero Portatrice di Luce” was inaugurated on May 22nd 2019 in Pietrasanta. This sculpture, which commemorates the tragic loss of Valentina Prisco, victim of the road, was commissioned by her mother Maria Luisa Secchi, pictured on the right in the photo above.

In attendance were the Mayor of Pietrasanta Alberto Giovannetti,Capo di Gabinetto Adamo Bernardi,Valentina Fogher of the Cultural Offices, Massimiliano Simoni president of Pro-Loco Focette, Ivano Carlesi of Pro-Loco Focette, Patrizia Lombardi assesore di Viareggio, Commandante Polizia Stradale di Prov. of Lucca Serafina di Vuolo, the parish Priest of Focette and representatives from the association of organ donors A.I.D.O. of Viareggio among may friends and family.

This sculpture is in memory of Valentina but is also dedicated to all the Victims of the road and the Italian Organ Association A.I.D.O..

The statue is located on the corner viale Roma – the “Lungo Mare” Boulevard – and via Dalmazia in Focette.

Thank you to Maria Luisa Secchi for the commission, my friends and all who participated.

18 Dicembre 2015

Bel-Air Fine Art Gallery


Personal Exhibition
dec  2015 - apr 2016

Place Centrale 4  | CH – 1936 Verbier 
+41 (0)27 7712089


The larger works are on display on the prize winning terrace of the Chalet D’Adrian Hotel 

18 Ottobre 2015

International Sculpture Prize -Pietrasanta e la Versilia nel Mondo


This is the XXV edition of the prestigios award. It is given every year by the   Circolo Culturale “Fratelli Roselli” to sculptors who through their work promote Pietrasanta in the world.

30 Maggio 2015

Adoratrice del Sole - Sun Worshipper

  Donation of a bronze sculpture "Sun Worshipper"- "Adoratrice del Sole" to the city of Pietrsanta.
Location- Piazza Matteotti in front of City Hall.

7 Aprile 2015

Le Forme della Differenza


international marble sculpture exhibition-16 women sculptors- Palazzo Ducale of Massa from the 30/04 until the 7/07 2015


15 Giugno 2014

Maria Gamundi - GroupShow in Leicester (UK)

The Visionary Landscape of Professor Sir Robert Burgess
The University of Leicester
Annual Sculpture Show
Sunday 15 June to Sunday 26 October 2014
University of Leicester Burgess - Botanic Garden Glebe Road
Leicester LE2 2LD
Open daily 10am – 5pm - Admission free (except special events, see below)*
How to find us
The Botanic Garden is situated in Oadby, about 3 miles south-east of Leicester City Centre, opposite Leicester Racecourse. The visitor entrance is on Glebe Road.
For detailed directions see 
How to contact us
*Sunday 29 June 11am – 5pm Plant Sale & Family Day, entrance £4/children free
*Sunday 10 August 10am – 4pm National Garden Scheme Charity open day, entrance £3/children free
*Sunday 7 September 10am – 4pm Plant Heritage rare plant sale, entrance £3

14 Giugno 2014

HOMO FABER - Group Show Pietrasanta


jun 14th - jul 13th

Piazza Duomo and S.Agostino Church and Cloister.

Opening hours: from tuesday to sunday 7.00 pm - 12.00 pm

Artisans of Pietrasanta show their work trough the work of the Artists.

Foundries, Marble Workshops and Mosaic Workshops. 

1 Novembre 2013

"SELENE" by Maria Gamundi

work by Maria Gamundi 

Kettle Pond, Mariners' Museum Park 
Newport News, Virginia USA

November 2013

Work commissioned by The Newport News Public Art Foundation 

18 Settembre 2013



Special showing of "SELENE" work by Maria GAMUNDI.

Piazza del Duomo, Pietrasanta (lucca) Italy

18th-20th september 2013  


Esposizione staordinaria dell'opera "SELENE" dell'artista Maria GAMUNDI.

Piazza del Duomo, Pietrasanta (lucca) Italy

18-20 settembre 2013 



15 Settembre - 14 Ottobre 2012

Sala delle Grasce - Centro Culturale "Luigi Russo"

MARIA GAMUNDI - Marmo & Bronzo - Pietrasanta 2012

Hugues Pénot

14 luglio - 30 agosto 2011

Ker Souveraine : face à l’océan, plus de 300 m2 d’œuvres d’art
202, boulevard des Océanides à Pornichet


Royal British Society of Sculptors Members
Workin in Pietrasanta

supported by

26 marzo - 10 aprile 2011
Chiostro di S.Agostino - Pietrasanta (LU)
orario: 16.00 - 19.00 / lunedì chiuso

During the Exhibition I'll be presenting,
for the first time, my new sculpture "Ninfea"

Recent Exhibitions

Maria Gamundi - De Twee Pauwen Gallery (Holland) - Gamundi, Remnjov, Tsvetaev, Yan Painting and sculptures 9 jan - 7 feb 2010
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De Twee Pauwen Gallery

Gamundi, Remnjov, Tsvetaev, Yan
Painting and sculptures

9 jan - 7 feb 2010

Hertogenbosch - Netherlands

2 November - 7 December 2008

Autumn 2007 - The new Studio